The Santander Personal Unsecured Lending Loan Origination System or SPUL LOS was designed for originating personal loans. This system allows funders to review queued loans, verify stipped documents and fund loans when all requirements have been met. Upon receiving inbound calls and/or following up on verifications, users are also able to search for existing applications using a number of different search criteria.

The current iteration of the SPUL LOS is built using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Our team was to make it web based so that Marketing would support UX and UI design and any addition UX research for the future.

Date: June 2016
Client: Santander Consumer USA
Role: UX Lead Designer


Helpful Dialogue & Documentation

The legacy system was a jumbled mess that forced the user to memorize pattern flows. The new system reorganized the content and navigation options to allow direct access to the desired most used features. It also added cues and helpful dialogue boxes for current and new Loan Officers, thus helping reduce the need for a manager to reteach the user how to maneuver around the interface.


Error Prevention, Handling, and Recovery

By adding check boxes for the forms we clearly defined the steps to allow the user to complete their tasks. We added error prevention handling and recovery for mistakes in case a user skipped a step during a process by mistake. This was an issue for the legacy system where many users who were multitasking would miss steps during the process and submit uncompleted forms.




Onboarding Concept

Onboarding is the process of getting new users orientated with a product or service. It helps users overcome the cold-start problem, a blank profile, an unfamiliar interface and it gets users to continue using the product.

Whenever there is a new product or redesign of an old one, it may be challenging for users to get comfortable and familiar with the interface. Though the content was the same, our new interface was vastly different from the legacy one. I provided a cross-industry analysis report that showed examples of onboarding from the industry and introduced our concept to the managers and VP’s that our UI would be helpful and guide users on how to orient and use the new interface.